The government of Uganda is a beast

Breaking: 1.8 Billion shillings meant for treating and supporting children battling Nodding Syndrome goes missing.

Local district leaders received the money but instead swindled or never put it to rightful use.

Available report submitted to office of the Deputy Speaker Jacob L. Oulanyah shows that in the FY 2015/2016,

Kitgum district received 423,372,500 for nodding disease. Part of this money has never been accounted for to-date.

Pader; 349,775,000. Lamwo; 420,775,000.

Amuru; 136,971,000.

Gulu; 142,698,000.

Gulu RRH; 116,531,000. Omoro; 12,463,000.

Lira RRH; 132,686,000. And Oyam; 116,620,000 Total release was 1.8 Billion shillings.

Omoro which became a District 2016/2017 FY got small money, and accounted for the fund to dot, and its the only district that received money for FY 2017/2018.

So people who have been painting picture that government has abandoned the Acholi children to their fate should know that nodding disease is more of leadership problem, than medical and funding. And that leadership problem is down at the district level, not parliamentary.

While following this similar case journalist Pat Robert LARUBI was intimidated and treated to be arrested. Bared from reaching the nodding syndrome centre without permission from Omoro district health officer, office of the CAO with approval from the RDC.

VERDICT: District Local council needs to be sued

Parliament of Uganda I Ministry of Health (Uganda) Tonny Kitara Jomeo Richard Norbert Mao DW Akademie – Tell the Story I Jolly Grace Okot Andruvile Okot Lapolo I Geoff Walker Okot Annet I Ladywinnie Amoo Okot I Chowoo Willy I Robinson Oryema Ogeri I Julius Peter – Credit to you I Martha Leah Nangalama I David Mwesigwa I Penytoo David Alex Oceng Kiffasi John Paul I


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